Erie CountyShrine Club

2525 West 38th Street, Erie, PA 16506

Membership meetingat 7:00PM. Business meetings are held at the Shrine Club on the 4thThursday of each month except November & December.

In 2022, the Erie County Shrine Club will continue its search for new members, have fun and fellowship while continuing to support the Shrine Club and the Childrens Hospital.

Board of Directors at 7:00pm & Membership at 7:30pm.


Erie County Shrine Club

2525 West 38thStreet

Erie Pa. 16506

June 2022

Wow, halfway through the year. Please slow down. It seems when you get older time goes faster.

June 4th: ---- Potentates Ball

June 5th: ---- Community days at Shriners Hospital

June 19th: ---- Father's Day. On Father's Day, instead of fruits and vegetables, have a dish of Ice cream

June 21st: ----The first day of summer,

June 23rd: ----ECSC meeting at 7:30pm

June 30th: ----Social get together at the club. Starting around 6:30pm

The ECSC steak fry scheduled for June 10th has been cancelled, see you next year.

All the ECSC nobles with a birthday in June, Happy Birthday, eat a second dish of ice cream.

Once again, DUES are still due by some. $10.00 per Year. Any questions call me at 814-835-8250

If you get my answering machine, please leave a message.

Anyone who stops learning gets old quicker, anyone who keeps learning stays young longer.

Try to learn something new every Day

Wally Long
ECSC Secretary


YOUR 2022 DUES are due! WE need everyone's help to stay afloat.
The dues are $10.00 per year.

Make payment to ECSC. And mail to:

Wally Long

8250 Millfair Rd.

McKean Pa. 16426

if you no longer want to participate in ECSC Please contact me.
My e-mail is
Camel626@roadrunner.comor call me...

My correct phone number is 814-835-8250 (814-722-2520 Cell)

The printed calendar book has it wrong, the on-line book has been corrected!

Oh and don't forget to eat your fruits and vegetables!



Your 2022 Erie County dues are now payable. Please send $10.00 check payable to Erie County Shrine Club to Secretary Wally Long, 8250 Millfair Road, McKean, PA 16426.
(All Past Potentates, John Johnston, Frank Cashciere and Howie Miller are Life Members.)

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