Erie CountyShrine Club

2525 West 38th Street, Erie, PA 16506

Board of Directors at 7:00PM & Membership at 7:30PM. Business meetings are held at the Shrine Club on the 4thThursday of each month except November & December.

In 2020, the Erie County Shrine Club will continue its search for new members, have fun and fellowship while continuing to support the Shrine Club and the Childrens Hospital.

Board of Directors at 7:00pm & Membership at 7:30pm.


ECSC June Newsletter

2525 West 38thStreet

Erie, Pa. 16506

Nobles all: It seems like this month will be like the last three months.

Ground hog’s day again and again and again

Due to this stubborn virus we are forced to cancel a few things. The annual ECSC Steak dinner scheduled for the 12this cancelled this year. We also need to cancel the ECSC pancake breakfast on the 14th.On the brighter side, we are going to try something different. The scheduled ECSC meeting for the 25th, will take place outside by the fire pit, weather permitting. The meeting will start at 6:30pm, please bring your own chair. No Fez needed for this meeting.
Father’s Day is on the 21stof this month.

Birthday’s for June:
John Hartman—6/2
Bryan Ferguson P.P.—6/4
Carl Lupp—6/6
James Rogers—6/6
Jack Martin—6/9
Gary Dorr--6/19
Chad Johnson—6/22
John Huber—6/23
Wally Long--6/26
Jack Daneri—6/29
Gerald Best Jr. P.P.—6/30

If I missed anyone it is because I don’t have some birthdays listed in my data base.
Happy Birthday if you are not listed for this month.

Remember the lyrics to this hit tune:“ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE”

Eat your Fruits and Vegetables and God Bless

Wally Long, ECSC Secretary



Your 2020 Erie County dues are now payable. Please send $10.00 check payable to Erie County Shrine Club to Secretary Wally Long, 8250 Millfair Road, McKean, PA 16426.
(All Past Potentates, John Johnston, Frank Cashciere and Howie Miller are Life Members.)

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