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Greetings Nobles!

As President of the Director’s Staff, I would like to welcome each of you! Now that things are getting back to normal, and the Clubs and Units are becoming active once again, it is time to get involved.

Due to Officers terms expiring, we are in need of fresh faces and people willing to attend meetings and prepare for upcoming events.

The Director’s Staff Unit are scheduled to meet monthly and during my time being involved, the member participation has been low. During past years, we have had only three or four of our members attend the monthly meetings.

We currently meet the third Tuesday of each month. To encourage attendance, please contact us with any suggestions and ideas of what may be a better day, time or location in which we can meet to increase participation.

To hold these events we need everyone to step up and become active. If participation does not pick up, the Director Staff Unit may come to an end. As members, we must all work together to achieve our purpose.

Please contact me via email: martyhd58@gmail.com

Or call/text: (814) 332-1768


Marty McCoy

Director Staff President

Seasons Greetings, can you believe it, it’s already December. On November 10th, the first Veterans Day Dinner was held here at the Zem Zem for all our Nobles who have served in the military, it was well attended and hopefully will get bigger in the years to come.

Hope everybody had a Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends.

This will be the final newsletter sent in

the mail, because, as you know, the newsletter is going digital. So I hope when you sent in your dues, you made sure that you up-dated your email address.

The Christmas holiday is in full swing, along with the hustle to get your shopping done. So I ask you, have you been naughty or nice?!

Hope Santa stops at everybody’s house and you have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

In closing, don’t forget to pay your dues!

Your Recorder,


2023 Zem Zem Potentate

Illustrious Sir James Miller

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December is here and it’s time for numerous get-togethers, caring, and wishing others a joyous and happy holiday season.

The Shrine Club will be open and so is the Jewelry Korner for you to make a selection for a loved one. All sales can be made through the Oasis or the Club office. We have plenty of items available. The yellow Shrine T-shirts are in the closet but the office has a key for the closet. You can give me a call and I will meet you at the club. At the present time, XL are sold out.

The Jewelry Committee would like to wish you and your families a very happy holiday season.

Be safe in all you travels!

Thanks, John Seastead

If you are looking for a Shrine license, they retail at $25.00.

While they last! Shrine plates areavailable at the Shrine, they are $5 each!