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August 2018

The Sportsman’s Spectacular and Car Give-a-Way are less than a month away. I hope to see you on Saturday, September 29 th at the Temple to enjoy and experience the biggest event of the Zem Zem year and just maybe have a chance on walking away with a prize.

As noted in my previous article, 2019 dues notices are out. Remember, the membership fee was not raised in 2019, it remains the same as this year.

Unfortunately, some of you still owe dues for 2018. Please get them paid by the end of the year. Shriners International bylaws will only allow Zem Zem to keep you on the books for one year.

I have had the opportunity to review several unit/club bylaws recently and also reviewed some of the bylaws on file. Nobles, several of the unit/club bylaws need updated. Some are dated back into the 1960’s. Some of the units and clubs do not have any bylaws. Shriners International recommend you review your bylaws at least every three years and have them updated. This is a real issue, as conflicts within units/ clubs can usually be settled by the bylaws. This is the first place the Potentate goes when asked to rule on an issue. Please get your bylaws updated.

This has been a year of conflict within several units/clubs. Some units are not participating in Temple function parades. Not getting permission to participate in civic parades. Not meeting at all. Nobles, lets get back to the reason for joining the Shrine. Let’s get over these petty differences. Lets bring some fun back to the Shrine.

For all of our Erie County Nobles, have you visited the club lately? We serve lunch every Tuesday thru Friday, 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM, and serve dinners every Thursday and Friday from 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM. The Well of Zem Zem is open to the membership Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 5:00 PM to close. Stop in and enjoy a great meal. Also, we are booking for 2018 Holiday Parties and are beginning to book events into 2019.

Erie Gives Day in over and I would like to thank the Nobles, units and clubs that sent money into the Temple so one large donation could be made by Zem Zem. The final figures show that Shriners Hospitals for Children placed second in donations received. Also, thanks to everyone that made a donation on August 14 th to make this event so successful.

I’m Writing this article before the Summer Ceremonial so I am not sure of the number for new Nobles. I hope we have several and encourage the recommenders to get these new members involved.

Questions on Shrine protocol, bylaws or Shrinedom in general, give me a call.

Thank you for allowing me to serve another year as your Recorder.

Until next time.....

Jeffrey B. Stephenson, PP


August 2018

Well the Summer Ceremonial is a thing of the past. The event was very successful for the Jewelry Committee and the upcoming First Lady’s project. The Shrine bears of all sizes were a big sale and sold out fast. The items that Emily sells were also a hit. We do have some bracelets and some other items that will be available at the Sportsman’s Spectacular at the end of this month. I hope you plan on attending the event.

We only have a few more events to promote the Jewelry items before the close of 2018. I plan on being at the Sportsman’s Spectacular so all Shriners can check out the display and all guests that day can see what it’s all about. If I can I would like to be part of the First Lady’s event with the bracelets and bears and anything else. To all the ladies ,come check out my items, you will be happy.

I would like to thank everyone who has purchase items from the Jewelry Committee over the last 8 plus years. It has been a fun experience for all.

Until next time, remember the kids.


Committed to Shriners Hospital - “Where Miracle’s Happen!”


It’s that time of year to start thinking about year end gifts from the clubs and units. The Divan is requesting that gifts be given to the Building Fund and Nobles In Need Fund.

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