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Well March is in the rear view mirrorand April is here. It’s nice to see peopleout and about, hopefully the pandemicis behind us. St Patty’s Day was a hit up

here at Zem Zem, our dining room hada menu serving up all kinds of Irish dishes and drinks. Our dining room is doing well stop up I’m sure you will not be disappointed. Coming in the month of May is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, that will arrive on May 25th, escorted by hundreds of motorcycles. It will be on the east lawn thru Memorial Day. In closing just a reminder for those who still haven’t paid their 2022 dues.

Your Recorder,

Rick Kraus


If spring is here, summer should be just around the corner. But we will let mother nature make that decision.The jewelry gang has been hard at work getting ready for the upcoming events at Zem Zem.Jewelry sales can be made at any time at the shrine club. Sara in the office has a key as well as the oasis bar tender.So next time you are at the club check out the jewelry cabinet, There is always a special day for someone who might need some sort of jewelry or a shrine licenseplate.

The jewelry sales team will be on the move in the upcomingmonths. We will be at Erie Shrine Hospital Days, Potante's Ball and Summer Ceremonial in July. So if you are at any of these events stop by to make a selection.

Remember all sales the proceedsare all donated to Shriners Erie or HTF accounts. The donations we make may be small but will make a smile on some child's face.

The time has come for me to move on as the Jewelry Chairman. I have handled this chairmanshipsince2010.

If you have a desire to have this chairmanship or one of the clubs or units in Erie. Please feel free to contact myself or Jim Miller, Chief Rabbin.

zz platefacemask

If you are looking for a Shrine license, they retail at $25.00 and masks are $5.00 each. Stop by and say hello..


John Seastead
Jewelry Chairman



Membership is the number one priority of the Potentate and we all should be committed to that end. The Potentate has appointed me as the Membership and Samsar Chairman for 2022. With the help of the Assistant Rabban and the entire Divan, our hope is to see some positive growth in numbers for the Temple during this trying year. We must remember that a Temple’s existence greatly depends on a strong ongoing membership program. The working formula for increased membership is quite simple, NO new Nobles equals the decline and failure of our Temple. The Potentate, Divan, and every Noble of Zem Zem Shrine is responsible for the Membership and in fact, each Noble should consider himself a part of the Membership Committee/Team. The one mainstay that each Noble has in common is our Masonic beginnings and values. Our membership pool begins in our Blue Lodge. It must be stressed to the entire Member- ship Team that it is important to identify and recruit new members of our Masonic Fraternity. It is equally important to reach out to those Brothers who may find that it is now time to enhance their Masonic journey or to the newly raised and educate him on the Shrine. I urge everyone to look at your Blue Lodge and identify new prospects and deem him worthy of becoming a member of Zem Zem Shrine.


Robert M. Perrine, P.P.


Zem Zem 2022