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November 2018

We are getting into the last quarter of 2018. The Sportsman’s Spectacular and car give-a-way are now history and we look forward to the Unit and Clubs Holiday parties.

The Temple parade season is over.Unit and Club officers are also changing in the next couple ofmonths. This is a good process as the Units and Clubs will have some new leaders that may bring some new ideas to the table.Speaking of Units and Clubs, are you a member? If not, whynot. Becoming a member of a Unit or Club will give you an opportunity to meet some new Nobles, get involved socially and get something out of your membership.

2019 membership dues notices have been mailed to all of our members at their last known address. I know some of you have moved and not forwarded your new address to the Temple as I have received over 75 change of address notices from the Post Office at a cost of $0.59 cents each.

Still have a few that owe dues for 2018. You still have time to get caught up as long as your dues for 2018 are paid by 12-28-2018.

Laurie Space, Banquet Manager, is doing a great job bookingparties, luncheons, Banquets and Weddings. She still has some dates available for holiday parties, but you need to contact her soon.

Any Units or Clubs that might be interested, I am in the process of cleaning up around the house and garage. I know, its abouttime. Anyway, I have some old 2003 Shrine cups that I am willing to donate to a Unit or Club. If your Unit or Club could usethem, contact me.

Hope everyone has an enjoyable Thanksgiving. See you around the jurisdiction.

Questions on Shrine protocol, bylaws or Shrinedom in general, give me a call.

Thank you for allowing me to serve another year as your Recorder.

Until next time.....

Jeffrey B. Stephenson, PP


November 2018

I would like thank everyone who stopped by our tableat the Sportsman’s Spectacular and during the month of October. Yes, we had a great day. It was all from yoursupport. This will add into the final total on our donation to the 1st Lady’s program. I feel by now you should all be aware of her program at Shriners Hospital. This year she will help the wheelchair fund.

The Jewelry Corner would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Sharing this holiday with our family and the thoughts of some that could not be at the table for a variety of issues.

God bless all!


Committed to Shriners Hospital - “Where Miracle’s Happen!”


It’s that time of year to start thinking about year end gifts from the clubs and units. The Divan is requesting that gifts be given to the Building Fund and Nobles In Need Fund.

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