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It is oftendifficult to write an article to talk about the future while the past is so fresh in your mind. Please forgive me for talking about the past a little before we hit the future happenings. We had a great Ceremonial weekend and I think warmly welcomed in our new Shriners to Zem Zem. The people in the little town of Sharpsville are still talking about the parade we held in conjunction with the Super Kids Soap Box Derby. If you missed the Fourth of July parade in Warren it was one that will forever be in my mind. We have never, to anyone’s recollection, participated in a parade where we raised Ten Thousand dollars for our Erie Hospital or performed in front of such a large, enthusiastic or more appreciative crowd. Prior to getting into a unit and parading, I never realized what a thrill it is to be in a parade like that. If you don’t believe me ask any one of the Nobles in the parade and they will verify the same feelings.

So if you want to experience some real fun, get into a unit and see for yourself. We still need your assistance by buying or selling our major fundraiser tickets for the Jeep and Sportsman’s Spectacular. We can also use a hand, as we swing into the various fairs and festivals, to spend a couple of hours in our booth to help with those ticket sales. If you ever want to hear how we have touched people’s lives, and why we do what we do, that’s where you will hear their stories. Don’t forget to mark your calendar to attend the birth- day party August 16th at the Club. Also, when you get the chance, stop by for lunch or dinner and I think you will have a great meal at a fair price, in a beautiful facility. You are a member of the World’s greatest fraternity and philanthropy, keep that in your mind and thoughts, and as always remember nothing could be finer than to be a Zem Zem Shriner as we celebrate “125 years of Having Fun Helping Kids.”

Fraternally yours

Illustrious Sir Tim Hofius

2017 Potentate

2017 Zem Zem First Lady, Ann Hofius

Once again, I must begin by thanking all of the clubs, units, corporations and individuals who have contributed to the EOS project. Special thanks to Colonel Drake Shrine Club, Corry-Union City Shrine Club for their incredible contributions, to Noble Mark Zaffino for his efforts with the Warren Fourth of July parade contributions, and to Noble Edward Michaels and his Lady Kathleen Frye for the funds raised with their Motorcycle fun run they organized.

I am proud to partner with Emily Mellish and Beads for Needs as we work to bring the EOS ma- chine to Erie.

Jewelry jackpot is quickly approaching. Please contact Karen McCrumb at 724-813-3327 to donate items for the Chinese Auction.

The Divan ladies will be raffling a conceal carry purse and handgun at the Sportsman’s Spectacular. The Five dollar tickets are now available.

Ladies, thank you for supporting your Nobles as they work to support the Shrine.

Sincerely, Lady Ann

Donations to the First Lady’s Project can be make by mailing your check (payable to Zem Zem Shrine) to…
Ann Hofius
450 Sunset Blvd
Hermitage Pa 16148
Important - Please note on check“First Lady’s Project”

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From the Erie Shriners Hospital

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