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From The Potentate


Isn’t it great spring is on its way, as for last month I think we should have the game commission extend the groundhog season. The nerve of that varmint 6 more weeks of winter. Anyways, we have the Colonel Drake Shrine Club Reverse Raffle on Saturday, March 3. Always a great time with fantastic prizes. Daylight savings begins on Sunday the eleventh so time to get up earlier. Don’t forget to make The Pas- sion play up at Coudersport Consistory. Make this event one on your bucket list. This play is one of the best I have ever seen. It is truly unforgettable. Many of our own Zem Zem members are involved with

this. It is on Saturday, March 17. On Sunday the 18th Warren Shrine Club and the Hornets have a dinner and Mercer has a pancake breakfast in the morning. On Friday the 23rd the Fez Fliers have their fish fry in Conneaut Lake. Always a great meal and a good time to be had. On Saturday the 24th Mercer is hav- ing a couples steak fry..Don’t forget to book your trip to the Cincinnati Shriners Hospital in April. Agnes and I are really looking forward to it. Every Shriner needs to visit as many of our hospitals as they can so that they see what we are all about. I can report that the trustees have met and are off to a good start with a forward moving agenda that will produce excellent results in time. If anybody needs gun raffle or car tickets please get a hold of me or a Divan member.
how important these raffles are to our survival as a Temple, so let’s all work to the best of our ability. The Kids deserve nothing but that.

Randy Burr,

2018 Potentate

From The First Lady

Our tote bags are selling well, we have more coming in. If any lady would like to have some to sell at their club please call me and I will get them to you. If you need jewelry tickets we can get them to you also. We have got a special Henry Shrine Edition rifle to raffle off to our fellows to raise money for our project. We will give this out at the summer ceremonial in Knox on August 18th. The tickets are only ten dollars each. You know how are men go crazy about guns, tell them this is one they are allowed to buy. Also remember the Cincinnati trip to the Shriners hospital. We need as many couples going

as we can. LADIES April is just around the corner as is the quarterly meeting. Please consider joining your Noble for anevening of fellowship with the Ladies. We could have a movie night with snacks if anyone has any movie in mind, please let me know.

Thanks again,

Lady Agnes

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