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From The Potentate

Hi Nobles!

They tell me that we are now in the dog days of summer, so enjoy the warm weather while it lasts.

We enjoyed a great parade in Bradford and were treated to a great lunch with plenty of camel’s milk. The committee from the big 30 football also gave us a real nice check for the hospital. Thank you very much Roadrunners and McKean Co.

The Warren Co. Fair is now over. The side by side and gun raffle tickets went over quite well and the Hornets did outstanding!

There were several other activities that also took place and a good time was had by all. Please keep attending these great functions and make new friends.

By the time you get this newsletter, it will be time to pack your bags for fall MASA. The new hotel that we were in last year promises the same great hospitality as last year so make sure to attend and enjoy yourself and all the activities that take place.

Nobles, its time to get those gun raffle and side by side tickets sold so that we may have another outstanding year. We will be looking for volunteers to help set up, so please try to help when you can.

Myself and my lady are looking forward to continuing to having a great time at all the activities that are coming up. Keep up all the great work everyone!

Remember, CAN’T is not in our vocabulary.

Your Potentate,

Leroy Woods

P.O. Box 414

West Middlesex, PA 16159

Cell: (412) 638-3257


From The First Lady

Dear Nobles and Ladies,

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Hard to believe that summer is over and Labor Day and back to school is among us.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable summer and are eager to attend our fall events. Parades are fun events and we look forward to seeing you there. Check your calendar book for dates and places. ‘Tis the season!

Hope your reservations are in for MASA in Virginia Beach, pack those sunglasses and beach towels and see you on the beach! September 13th & 14th is the Shrine Hospital Children’s Charity Cup Hockey Tournament and we would love to see you there. We appreciate your support so much!

Save the date Sept 21st for the Sportsman’s Spectacular and Side by Side/Trailer give-a-way and be ready for the mug game for the activities committee.

Congratulations to Robin Thurber, top seller and Dee Zook, seller drawing for the Jewelry Jackpot on Oct 19th. Thanks to every- one who purchased and sold tickets. It’s not too late to buy and sell more...see any Divan lady or chairman Jessica Wygant. Quarterly Meeting was fun for the ladies….thank you to all who attended, there was some sweet prizes!

In Shrine Love,
Lady Gini

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