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2018 Zem Zem Potentate Pin

From The Potentate


Summer is here and all of the parades and events are happening. Please attend as many as you can.

By everyone participating, we have the ability to keep the fun part of Zem Zems alive and well. Lady Agnes and I want to thank Illustrious Sir Carl Holmes and Lady Jan for the fantastic trip that we had in Branson, Missouri.

Our thanks goes out to Corry-Union City, Colonel Drake & Tri-Wheels for the Ham Dinner and donations to Lady Agnes’ project. Remember to sell as many car and gun tickets as possible. It is pivotal that we meet our budget and continue to do the work that we do.

Make a reservation for our Summer Ceremonial in Knox. It is going to be a fun-filled event. Remember, we are the greatest fraternity and philanthropy in the world. It is up to each and every Noble in the Zem Zem Oasis to insure that this legacy continues on for the future.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hard work in this endeavor.

Yours In The Faith,

Randy Burr,

2018 Potentate

From The First Lady

It’s hard to believe that June has come and gone. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! I want to thank the Corry-Union City, Tri-Wheels & Colonel Drake for the generous donations to the First Lady’s Project. I am truly humbled and grateful for all of your support.

I was extremely honored by a very special young man who worked so hard at his golf outing for his school and made a very nice donation to the First Lady’s Project. Our hearts are truly moved by his efforts. Ladies, don’t forget we have tote bags, Henry Gun Raffle tickets, and Quilt & Jewelry Jackpot tickets to help us achieve our goal. Please keep up all of your hard work for our project.

Also, we will be hosting a bingo party for the ladies during the quarterly meeting. Please attend and have some fun!

Thanks again,

Lady Agnes

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