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From The Potentate


Where has summer gone? Schools are now open and the days are getting shorter. Virginia Beach is going to be so great! We have 68 rooms reserved. With all of those Shriners coming down and having a much larger hospitality room, we are going to have so much fun. It will be a memorable time for all. Don’t forget to attend and ride in as many local parades as you can. This provides a connection from our television ads to our local shrine members. We need to increase our public support for us and our Shriner kids.

The Sportsman’s Spectacular is on the 29 th and I need EVERYBODY to attend to make this event a success. Please go out and sell as many tickets as you can. We need this financial support to be as much as possible to help us reach our temple budget. I want to thank all of the Shriners for all of their hard work when they were out selling tickets. We could not do it without their help.

Yours In The Faith,

Randy Burr,

2018 Potentate

From The First Lady

A BIG thank you to Janet Noland for taking her time and coming to the Ladies program at the Summer Ceremonial and giving a talk on the specialized wheelchairs.
Summer is winding down and it is time for fall activities.
Here are a few things that are quickly approaching:

Sportsman’s Spectacular
Jewelry Jackpot

In closing, I would like to wish all happy and safe travels wherever you go.

Lady Agnes

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