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From The Potentate

Hi Nobles!

Yes it is the time of year to start thinking about that big Thanksgiving dinner and for the hunters to start thinking about the first day of deer season. It seems like just a short time ago that we were thinking summer.. my how time flies by!

The big events for this year have come and gone. I would like to

personally thank each and everyone of you for all of the help my

Lady and I have received this year. What a great success it has

been and rewarding to witness people coming together with helping hands and enjoying themselves. At this time, we have one more parade left for the season. It maybe a wet one, but we are strong and will get it done.

The first Ladies Jewelry Jackpot was well attended and everyone looked so nice all dressed up for the day. The Ladies sure did enjoy themselves. Hats off to all those who worked so hard to make this event happen.

The quarterly meeting is history and was well attended with lots of great information presented to the nobility.

Be sure to check your calendar books for the upcoming parties and events and make sure to get out and enjoy the great hospitality of the other Shrine Clubs & Units.

Until the next time, be safe in all that you do and remember...

CAN’T is not in our vocabulary.

Your Potentate,

Leroy Woods

P.O. Box 414

West Middlesex, PA 16159

Cell: (412) 638-3257


From The First Lady

Dear Nobles and Ladies,

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Parade season is over and the holidays are upon us. Let’s take the time to be thankful and count our blessings, welcome fall and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets, donated, and was in attendance at our annual Jewelry Jackpot. You made it such a great success! Congratulations to our winners and enjoy wearing your bling.

We will be decorating the Temple for Christmas on Saturday, Nov 16th. We hope you are able to join us for this great time of bonding and to enjoy lunch afterwards.

Remember to vote– National Election Day and to honor our Veterans...

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and happy hunting to all of our hunters out there. Leroy and I are so thankful and blessed to have everyone’s support.

Check your unit and club calendars, hope to see you at the next event!

In Shrine Love,
Lady Gini

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