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Meetings are second Tuesday of each month.

The Zem Zem Cycle Corps was chartered in January 1983. Thirty-seven years later its members continue to participate in parades, assist with Shrine events, and support the Shriners Hospital for Children - Erie Unit. We Ride So Children Can Walk.

Our Cycle Corps unit ridesHonda Shadow VLX motorcyclesin parades and other functions. We practice maneuvers and drills so that we can really put on a great show for the public while raising money for theShriners Hospital


Zem Zem Cycle Corps History

Cycle Corps

After the Imperial Motorized Unit competition held inOrlando, FL. during the 1982Imperial Shrine Convention eleven Shriners decided they enjoyed the competition and collectively wanted to compete in shrine motorized competition. They met and after many heated discussions and decided the best way to accomplish this was to start a new motorized unit. They got together for weeks and worked on by-laws, unit colors, uniforms, officers, logos, membership, new motorcycles and a charter. The Potentate Marvin J. Schick gave them the go ahead in 1982 to plan a new unit. Potentate C. Jarrett Miller accepted the request for a charter, and the Cycle Corps was born in January of 1983 twenty-five years ago.

Since the motor corps was where most of the members came from they already enjoyed a long history of service to the shrine. They knew and understood that the bar was set high for this new group. They wanted to continue on with the same quality of service and love of the shrine.

The first uniforms were custom made; they were pearl satin, with burgundy vents in the sleeves and a burgundy elastic waist that zippered up the front. Mrs. Nelson, Noble Ernie Nelson's wife did the embroidery on the backs, it was all hand done and was stunning. The motorcycle chosen was the 650 Honda, burgundy with saddle bags, fairing and windshield. For safety a lead vehicle was needed to announce the corps at parades. With the help of Ralph Heard, Dave Schick, and Pat Schwindt, a giant fiberglass helmet was fabricated and attached to an old golf cart, hence the lead vehicle. This vehicle has been updated since then but still in use today.

Since there was no treasury the members paid for all the equipment including the motorcycles. Later a trail vehicle was added, a three wheeled motorcycle. Early in 1983 when Potentate C. Jarret Miller planned a Shrine-Arama celebration to be held at the Erie Co. Field House, the Cycle Corps actually practiced on motorcycles in the mosque. It looked a lot different than having concrete floors, no doors, just a roof and four walls. It was just enough to keep the unit out of the weather and get in some practice. It was close but that's what motorcycle drill competition is all about.

In 1993 the Cycle Corps voted to purchase a new motor cycle, change uniforms, and update all equipment. Over the years the Cycle Corps has produced many members that have gone over and beyond to serve the shrine; there have been many potentate aides, chief aides, memorial service volunteers, committee chairpersons, and the 1992 shrine 100thyear celebration chairman, members of the divan, two mid-Atlantic shrine officers and three potentates.

In 1991 Potentate Norm King asked the Cycle Corps if they would compete against the motorized cycle units of theNew York/Ontarioshrine association. Without hesitation the Cycle Corps went to Buffalo,NYto enter the competition and won all competitions taking 1stplaces in the fast race, slow race, precision drill, and won the trophy for high points overall.

The Cycle Corps has competed in Imperial Shrine competitions in Orlando, FL.,Atlanta, GA.andToronto,Canada. The Corps has also competed in 12 MAASMC competitions. These competitions were held in places such as Wildwood, New Jersey,Virginia Beach, VA., Ocean City, MD. andPittsburgh, PA.Their record is an unprecedented 12 first places and one high point trophy, out performing all motorized competition.

Over the past twenty five years the Cycle Corps has served the shrine and Shriner's Hospitals locally, and across the jurisdiction. They have helped hospitals as volunteers, service, and leadership, always with honor, respect, and dignity.

Realizing early that the shrine was changing, the families of the Cycle Corps members were made an important part of the history of their service. Almost all Cycle Corps functions included activities for the families. The corps always welcomed the help and support of family and friends. In the past, today and in the future the Cycle Corps knows and understands that the support of the family has made their achievements possible.

Today the cycle corps is still adding to their rich history of honoring family and service while representing ZEM ZEM Shrine and Shriner's Hospitals. Join them actively or as a social member.1-814-725-1360

No one seems to know when or where this time honored salute originated but the Cycle Corps always signed off its newsletters with a "tip of the fez" to a member that went above and beyond the normal duty to the corps. So at this time it's only fitting that "a tip of the fez" salute be given to the ladies of the corps for all their love and support.

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