Legion of Honor

2525 West 38th Street, Erie, PA 16506

2017 07 04 2494

The Legion of Honor meetings

are held at Eureka Grotto
3828 Washington St, Erie, PA
on the 3rd Tuesday of the month
Time: 1930 hours (7:30 P.M.)

The Legion of Honor members are veterans of the services of our country. They carry the country’s flags and lead the parades. Our goal is to instill honor in our country and to gain more members on the street.

Remember, the Legion of Honor is always up front. Let’s try to keep it that way!



I hope the new year finds you all in good health. I am reaching outto you with a message as your Commander, although do to circumstances beyond control I have not yet been duly installed. The staff and I have been diligently trying to secure a consistent meeting night, and when we resolve the issue, a communication will be issued. That being said I must advise you all that our unit is in grave danger of being dissolved due to lack of participation. Hence my primary focus this year will be ensuring this doesn’t happen.

I have only been a member for 6 years and in that time our monthly meeting attendance has steadily declined. As well as those members willing to participate in the marching unit. This is unacceptable to me and I am willing to do whatever it takes to turn things around. My goals are simple, increase our membership rolls, and be able to field at a minimum a color guard to march at all temple function parades. We have a member currently servings as our Potentate, and I would like to see us support Illustrious Sir Bob Hukill to the greatest extent possible.

I am a US Navy vet, and in the role of Commander I hold myself responsible for the actions of my “crew”. But I can’t do this alone, so I am asking for your help and support and just maybe if we all pull together we can prove a lot of naysayers wrong, and once again become the pride of Zem Zem. I look forward to serving you this year and hope to see more involvement from our members.

Yours in the faith,

Dean Stankovich PC


(814) 573-7033 cell

Zem Zem 2022