Oriental Band

366 Patti Lane, Pittsfield, PA 16340

Oriental Band

Meetings are the 2nd Thursday of the month (except December) at Zem Zem Shrine. Lunch at 12 noon, meeting at 1pm.

The Oriental Band’s goal for 2018 is to attend as may parades as possible.
The Oriental Band is looking for new members. Uniforms and equipment provided.
Please contact Keith Oviatt 814-563-4286 or John Seastead 814-833-8399.

Come join the #1 band and plan on having "FUN”.

September Newsletter

The Ceremonial was a fun weekend for all. I would like to thank Ill. Sir Randy Burr, his Lady Agnes and the Ceremonial team for the fine job. The members of the band that attended for the Ceremonial did a fine job. There seemed to be enough camel’s milk for all that attended. The flying carpet made a appearance with some bandsman, although we should have had some more on the carpet..

With the ceremonial over it’s on the way to VA. Beach for a week of fun and beach time. There is a number of bandsman that have attended over the years. We have had a fantastic time. Food, camels milk and anything else that is needed to have a great week. Ron and Joyce and their team will do a fine job. Thanks you all!

I have missed some people that I have known for a number of years. I would like to wish them a birthday wish at this time. So if you see them give them a special wish:

Bob Patterson was89 on7/11

Earl Arnold will be89 on 9/26

Bill Readshaw will be 91 on 9/13

The band would like to wish them all a Happy Birthday.

Things are always happening at Shriners Hospital always check your mail. Shriners “LOVE” Kids

Well till next time, keep in touch with your other Shriners.

See you at the parades,


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