Oriental Band

366 Patti Lane, Pittsfield, PA 16340

Oriental Band

Meetings are the 2nd Thursday of the month (except December) at Zem Zem Shrine. Lunch at 12 noon, meeting at 1pm.

The Oriental Band’s goal for 2019 is to attend as may parades as possible.
The Oriental Band is looking for new members. Uniforms and equipment provided.
Please contact Keith Oviatt 814-563-4286 or John Seastead 814-833-8399.

Come join the #1 band and plan on having "FUN”.

September Newsletter

The ZZ Oriental Band would like to recognize a Shriner who has helped us grow as well as the Shrine. I would like to refer to my story as “A Journey in Shrinedom.” Earl Arnold has been on a mission for over 35 years as a shrine mason. Earl who is a mem- ber of Still Water Lodge in Youngsville and was a past master in the lodge. He also did a number of events in Warren Co Shrine as their President. I am not sure of some of the events that he ran. But I will say that he prepared the oyster soup at the oyster

party for a number of years. Mix that with some camel’s milk and it was great.

Earl in the band was the master with the base drum for a number of years. He took control of the percussion section and kept them under control. Earl was a past president of the band also. He spent some time also transporting children to Erie. I feel hon- ored to have met him. While Earl and May are on a new adventure moving closer to their family in Nashville, TN, I will miss the Manhattan “Earl” drink of the day until he returns. Be safe on your mission my brother.

The Nashville trip is a thing of the past. Now, all eyes are on Virginia Beach. Our director will be there but sadly no band. Accom- panying him was our 3rd vice president of MASOBA, Dick Sullivan. These two band members had a lot of stories to tell.

The Sportsman’s Spectacular is quickly approaching. Make sure that your calendars are marked for a great weekend September 21st. The band will be selling tickets on a fisherman’s best friend. We have a special cooler that we will be raffling off that day. Come check out the bands table. Remember, everyone is a winner!!!

Remember the Imperial Sir new mission…. “JUST ONE” ASK!

Until next time…


Zem Zem 2019