Oriental Band

366 Patti Lane, Pittsfield, PA 16340

Oriental Band

Meetings are the 2nd Thursday of the month (except December) at Zem Zem Shrine. Lunch at 12 noon, meeting at 1pm.

The Oriental Band’s goal for 2019 is to attend as may parades as possible.
The Oriental Band is looking for new members. Uniforms and equipment provided.
Please contact Keith Oviatt 814-563-4286 or John Seastead 814-833-8399.

Come join the #1 band and plan on having "FUN”.

April Newsletter

Well, the seasons are starting to change. Spring has been around for a month now. Some of the spring flowers have popped out of the ground. So I guess we are over the hill. The Oriental Band is getting ready for another parade season. We don’t have a parade in May this year so that we may have a dress rehearsal to be ready when the time comes.

A few things of interest to all. Emily Mellish, our national ambassador for Shriners Erie, turned 13 a few months ago. Happy Birthday Emily! She is all finished with her back surgeries as her spine is finished growing. This is exciting news for the Mellish family!

By now I may have some additional news for you all to be excited about. But we always must remember the children who come for our help at our hospital. Today we care for children from around the world.

Until next time


Zem Zem 2019