Oriental Band

366 Patti Lane, Pittsfield, PA 16340

Oriental Band

Meetings are the 2nd Thursday of the month (except December) at Zem Zem Shrine. Lunch at 12 noon, meeting at 1pm.

The Oriental Band’s goal for 2018 is to attend as may parades as possible.
The Oriental Band is looking for new members. Uniforms and equipment provided.
Please contact Keith Oviatt 814-563-4286 or John Seastead 814-833-8399.

Come join the #1 band and plan on having "FUN”.

January Newsletter

Well, 2017 is a thing of the past, sure was a fast year when you are having “FUN” and “LOVE IT”. The high kick in fast pace band is still laying low for the next few months, but will return to that pace when the cold and snow leave and the weather is nice and warm. Well un- fortunate that won’t happen for a few months. Keep the snow shovel close and the heating pad for the lower back closer.

The holidays were great a lot of hugs and kisses at the Oriental Band Christmas Party. We had a great turnout with 4 past PP present.

We also had Emily Mellish and the sisters and parents present. It
had been a while since I had seen them. Emily is on the go most of the time spreading the word about Shriners Hospital and the special “LOVE” we all have for children. The girls were all about sharing the “LOVE” to all. Some special friends from Shriners Hospital Erie were Mary Jane “MJ” Antoon, administrator of the Erie unit and Christie Gunn, from the PT Department. She is responsible for all car seats at Shriners and making sure everyone has the correct seat for the size of the child. Parents and grandparent’s should be aware of the expiration date on the sides of the seat, when in doubt give Shriners a call.

The band will be at the annual meeting on January 20th. We plan on voting for the correct candidates to lead Zem Zem Shrine for the next few years. If you read this article and don’t belong to the Club please try to attend and vote on some of these issues, they are very important.

Before I close I forgot one big issue. Willie Bax’s birthday is January 1st he will be 88 years old. Please take the time or give him a call and give him a special birthday wish. Please be nice I don’t tell birthday secrets.

Well until we meet again...



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